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Nono | The Multi-Purpose Landing Page Template (Landing Pages)

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Responsive template with focus on light code. CSS file is 22kB while most other templates are often more than 200kB.


  • block based
  • responsive
  • lightweight code
  • easy to customize
  • multiple color options
  • ready to use templates
  • conversion focused
  • special modal window script
  • easy to connect with email marketing services
  • readable typography
  • all images included in download file
  • icon set included

Template works perfectly well on its own, but as a bonus Page Builder Software is included.

Nano Builder

Page builder offers basic functionality of putting the sections together to create set of pages, so that you don’t have to manually do it in a code editor. It only runs on windows, and is in early beta, so there still might be problems and bugs.

Other than putting sections together, it also offers multi-page support, inline text editing, code editor for advanced changes, and preview mode. Nono template is the only template on Themeforest that comes with ready to use page builder software for windows

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