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Submit a guest post if you are interested in promoting your business or what to create a content writter portfolio, contribute to our website.

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We appreciate your interest in writing blogs for Wbcom Designs Blog. As we are always looking forward to having new voices onboard, we would be happy to provide you guest post opportunities. We are delighted to welcome you as our guest author to share your expertise or experience with our audience.

Guest blogging, at Wbcom Designs blog, requires high-caliber blog posts from marketers and industry leaders for paid guest posts, Contact us.

    What we expect out of Guest Post Articles?

    Write for us a technology guest post. Here are some topics that, we think, can deliver the most value to our readers. Have a look at these to have a better idea of what we’re looking for:

    • SEO guest post
    • Affiliate marketing guest post
    • Blogging tips
    • Digital marketing guest posts
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Guest post WordPress theme
    • Web development tools
    • Community Engagement and Management
    • Web Development Guest Posts
    • WordPress plugins and themes Guest Posts
    • E-commerce Guest Post
    • Elearning Guest Post

    Apart from that, if you have something in mind that doesn’t come under these categories, feel free to share your idea with us. We will look into it and let you know if it is suitable for our respected audience.

    Guest Post Quality Guidelines

    • Quality Guidelines
    • Don’t write your article before pitching it to us. Provide us with a few different ideas, which are aligned with a keyword.
    • The article must be unique and have never been published on other sites.
    • Article length should not be less than 800 words.
    • Don’t submit a promotional article. Write to help our audience grab knowledge.
    • If your idea is a derivative of someone else’s work, we would recommend you to give them credit.
    • We would suggest you avoid being too technical or using heavy jargons.
    • Submit the article that is properly structured with heading tags(H1, H2, or others) in order to make it more readable to our audience.
    • Avoid writing lengthy paragraphs. Make it short and nice.
    • Submit articles including good-quality images that are relevant and appropriate.
    • Provide proper credit if you are using someone else’s image in your article.
    • Include at least 1 link to an article from our blog that you think relates well.

    Guest posting queries

    If you have understood all of the guidelines mentioned above, submit the article on our email id at [email protected]
    If you have any queries regarding guest posting at Wbcom Designs Blog, don’t hesitate to ask.

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