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EasyAds – WinForm and ASP.NET Web API (Miscellaneous)

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Have you seen ad screens in your local market or drug store? How do they know which ads to play when? How do they report on how many times which ads played? What happens when your database or ads get corrupted?

Simple – EasyAds is the solution for providing your business with air time revenue.

With features such as automated backups, an automated client updater for when new versions are released, Excel reports, .MP4 and JPG support, EasyAds is the perfect solution for your client’s needs.

EasyAds is a .NET application that allows the user to create, schedule and report on
advertisements played on a host machine. A web service is available with cloud backup and
restore functionality. The web service is also used to update the client application when a new
version is released. The new version is downloaded and installed automatically upon user
confirmation. Users are also able to backup their database and ads locally if they plan on
migrating to another host machine. They can copy the backup file and restore it on the new

EasyAds was developed for a single client-to-server relationship. It is not intended to have
multiple clients with a single server or vice-versa. Although it would be easy to implement this


  • Create and schedule ads
  • Simple, easy-to-use UI
  • Cloud & local backups
  • Abstracted data access layer
  • Generate Excel reports
  • Auto update component
  • Automated email reports
  • Async upload and download
  • Web API service included
  • Windows Service included
  • Installer project included
  • Source code included


  • EasyAds (Windows Forms project)
  • EasyAds.Framework (Class Library project)
  • Data Providers:
  • EasyAds.Database.SQLServer (SQL Server Database project)
  • EasyAds.DataProvider.SQLServer (Class Library project)
  • EasyAds.DataProvider.SQLite(Class Library project)
  • Export plugins:
  • EasyAds.Plugins.ExcelExporter (Class Library project)
  • Installer:
  • EasyAds.Uninstaller (Installer project)
  • EasyAds.Setup (Installer project)
  • Server:
  • EasyAds.Web (ASP.NET Web Application project)
  • EasyAds.Web.Framework (Class Library project)
  • Service:
  • EasyAds.Service (Windows Service .NET Framework)
  • Tools:
  • EasyAds.AutoBackup (Windows Forms project)
  • EasyAds.AutoUpdater (Console application project)
  • EasyAds.WebClient (Windows Forms project)
  • Utilities:
  • EasyAds.Utilities (Class Library project)


Includes 28-pages detailing the following:

  1. Revision
  2. Introduction
  3. Project structure
  4. Prerequisites
  5. Client installation
  6. Server installation
  7. Databases
  8. Running the application
  9. Ad serve logic
  10. Backup and restore logic
  11. Export logic
  12. Database structure
  13. Testing online backups
  14. Testing new update
  15. Testing service
  16. 3rd party licenses
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