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Request A Quote Magento Extension (Magento Extensions)

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Request A Quote Magento Extension gives online buyers an opportunity to negotiate over the ‘Price Tag’ and buy the same product at a lower price while store admin gets the freedom to accept/reject the quote or propose a best-suitable price for the product.

Predict price matters a lot for the online shoppers and since the competition is getting, it’s important to not give them a reason to jump to your competitors just because the price mentioned for your products is slightly higher than others. With Request A Quote Magento Extension, online buyers can easily suggest the new best price for products and proceed to checkout, if admin accepts the quote request.

This extension works with multiple types of Magento products like simple, custom option so you’re not worried about the limitations. The purpose of the extension is allow shoppers the feel of visiting a brick-and-mortar store where they can negotiate over the price tag and buy products at negotiable prices.


Request Multiple Quotes

Shoppers can request quote for multiple products from frontend using a simple form and check the requested quotes’ status at “My Quotes” section.

Multiple Product Types Supported

Request A Quote Magento Extension is an advanced tool that allows shoppers to request quotes regardless of the product type as it supports simple and custom options Magento product types.

Check All Quotes

Registered users can check the previous quotes under ‘My Quotes’ section where all the quotes are listed with status.

Accept or Reject Quote Request

Store admin can easily accept or reject the quote request from shoppers or can also suggest a new and best-suited price that may be affordable for the shopper.

Add Comments

When requesting a quote for product price, shoppers can add comments for sending email as a content.


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