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Traffic Racer – HTML5 Game + Mobile Version + AdMob! (Construct 2 CAPX) (Games)

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Traffic Racer is a HTML5 & Mobile run game. You control a sports car that must avoid opponents vehicles. Your aim is to other cars for as long as possible, each crash cost you a life. Made in Construct 2. Enjoy the game!
  • Full Game;
  • One-Touch Control;
  • Simple Gameplay;
  • Easy to Reskin;
  • Easy to Add Content;
  • Easy to Change Source;
  • Touch & Mouse;
  • Sound Fx;
  • High Resolution: 1280×800px;
  • Online Support 24/7;
  • AdMob;
  • No Programming Knowledge Needed!
  • HTML5 Project Events:75;
  • MOBILE Project Events:87;
  • Including Constuct 2 file (.capx).
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