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Support Ticket System (OpenCart)

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A simple yet flexible support system to manage your eCommerce store supports. Having support ticket system integrated with eCommerce store helps in increasing sale. Give a place your customer to contact for their problems they are facing or do enquiry in better way instead of traditional contact us E-mail based system without having records of conversation. Support ticket system allows tons of support ticket handling with e-mail system and others.

Why choose to get a Support Ticket System (Help Desk) system integration into eCommerce store?

This module is built on believing that serving better to your customers is key to leading in now day markets. By providing professional support to your customers rapidly you can build trust of customer which again most vital part of success. For this purpose, we build powerful support ticket (Help Desk) management platform which allows you to centralise all tickets with multiple ticket status as per requirements.


1. Build trust base of your customers by helping them quickly and thoroughly

2. Serve better your customers with minimum time-span
3. Separate interface for support desk
4. Customer can easily create ticket by creating an account or without it.
5. E-mail for each ticket reply with respective ticket status
6. Multiple departments for categorized ticket
7. Multiple status for ticket
8. Create articles for common problems
9. Categorized the articles by knowledge-base sections
10. Create visuals instead of long articles
11. Separate profile of support users (No glitches)
12. Multi-Language text
13. One place for all common problems
14. Quality code by best professionals among market
15. Mobile Friendly (Responsive) Design
16. Support Journal theme + All other themes
17. Both VQMOD and ODMOD modification system available
18. Follow OpenCart code architecture
19. Simple module installation and enable/disable at anytime
20. Well organize documentation and presentation
21. Simple and easy installation
22. Dedicated support team for free and quick extension support
23. Stay tune with tons of new features


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