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XPANDA – Responsive Gallery Content Expander Plugin (Images and Media)

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XPANDA – Responsive Gallery Content Expander Plugin is a jQuery Plugin that enables a user to expand the teaser item or thumbnail image to expand content related to the image. This plugin is built for all sorts of content types such as meet the team pages, image galleries, business services and creative portfolios.

Fluid, Fast and Flexible

The Flexbox CSS property has been incorporated, which enables a more efficient and fluid way of laying out, aligning and distributing space among the items. Flex values of thumbnail images are automatically calculated and applied, keeping the aspect ratios and will never crop the images no matter the dimensions.

Many Customizable Options

Easily adjust the number of items per row for each breakpoint you specify and their vertical and horizontal spacing. Choose if you want to display a Call-To-Action, enable the lazyloader, enable auto-scrolling to the expanded item, and many more.

Cross-browser Responsive Design

XPANDA items adapt to the width of the containing parent element and has been tested on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 9+, Microsoft Edge and various mobile browsers. Even specify your own breakpoints!

Built-in Image Lazyloader

A custom image lazyloader has been built into XPANDA for both the thumbnail and large images and no third-party plugin is needed with the option to switch off.

Support and Documentation

6 Months free support via Support Forum when you purchase the plugin. Extensive documentation available for viewing before and after purchase to help you use XPANDA to it’s full potential.

Free Photoshop Action

Included in the download is a free photoshop action used to blur and resize the images to a very low filesize to speed up the page loading time.

10 Pre-Built Examples to Use and Customize

Included are 10 beautifully designed, ready-to-use examples for quick and easy implementation.

Coming Soon

Many more examples and features coming soon.


Please note that the images in the preview, screenshots and examples are NOT included in this download. They can be found at Gratisography and Unsplash.

The fonts used in the examples are Nunito Sans, Open Sans, Amatic SC, and Roboto Slab.

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