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Contact form new Generation (Communication Tools)

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This contact form is one of the safest forms of email sending that you can integrate into your application,
it is complete, correctly developed, and respects the known best practices in order to guarantee its maintenance and its evolution.

Here the online documentation


  • Full ASP.NET MVC with Razor view
  • Based on Bootstrap responsive style
  • You can send email with one or more attached files
  • The option to receive a copy of the email sent
  • Use of Google’s new reCAPTCHA “I’m not a robot” to protect you from spam
  • Download the email sent in PDF format
  • JQuery Client side validation
  • Validation for required fields
  • Validation for email address
  • Validation of the number of characters entered in the message min and max
  • Summary validation form
  • Confirmation email message
  • Full code library to send email with System.Net.Mail name space
  • Easy configuration of email and SMTP settings in the “web.config” file
  • Source code full documented
  • Layered development
  • Clean code with defensive coding concept
  • Turnkey email sending form
  • Respect the web standard
  • Easy install; 100% integration

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