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15 | Auto Anchor Navigation for Adobe Muse CC (Muse Widgets)

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Anchor Navigation for Muse Websites. Widget automatically generate all interface so you don’t have to spend time for design it.

<a href="" rel="nofollow"><img src="" alt="Adobe Muse Widgets Tutorials" /></a>

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  1. Extract ZIP file.
  2. Go to the /Adobe Muse CC Widgets/widgets
  3. Double-click widget file to import it into the Muse Library. This will launch Muse if it’s not already open.
  4. Widget will show in the “Library” box (Window – Library)

Another solution:
1. Open Adobe Muse CC
2. Go to the Library (Window – Library)
3. On the bottom of the box click “Import Muse library”
4. Select file from local disk (probably Downloads folder).
5. Done :)

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