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Revolution Multimedia Gallery (Sliders)

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<strong><h3 id="item-description__what-is-revolution-multimedia-gallery">What is Revolution Multimedia Gallery ?</h3></strong>

Revolution Multimedia Gallery is a full blown multimedia responsive gallery that runs on all major browsers and mobile devices like <strong>iPhone</strong>, <strong>iPad</strong>, <strong>iOS</strong>, <strong>Android</strong> and <strong>Windows8</strong>. It has support for <strong>image</strong>, <strong>video</strong> (mp4), <strong>audio</strong> (mp3), <strong>Vimeo</strong>, <strong>YouTube</strong>, <strong>iFrame</strong>, <strong>AJAX</strong>, <strong>HTML content</strong>, <strong>Google maps</strong> and <strong>flash</strong>.

Revolution Multimedia Gallery has high performance using <strong>OOP</strong> code and the latest <strong>CSS3</strong> techniques, ready for mobile with swipe support, very flexible, easy to setup and extremely customizable. Packed with a huge amount of features like, responsive layout, optional deeplinking, mp3 and mp4 support on all mobile and desktop browsers, <strong>HTML playlists</strong>, flexible skin, facebook share etc, it makes it one of the best and complete multimedia slider gallery available on sale.

<strong><h3 id="item-description__revolution-multimedia-gallery">Revolution Multimedia Gallery</h3></strong> main features:

<strong>Responsive</strong> layout.

Mobile and desktop optimized (<a href="" rel="nofollow">Android demo</a> or <a href="" rel="nofollow">iOS demo</a>).

Very easy to use and setup.

Four display types, <strong>responsive / fixed</strong>, <strong>fluid width</strong>, <strong>fullscreen</strong>.

Support for <strong>Image</strong>, <strong>Ajax</strong>, <strong>HTML content</strong>, <strong>Google maps</strong>, <strong>flash</strong> <strong>Youtube</strong>, <strong>Vimeo</strong>, <strong>video</strong> and <strong>audio</strong> (only mp3 or mp4 required in all browsers mobile or desktop).

The playlists / content can be created using <strong>HTML markup</strong>.

Customizable theme, plus two <strong>skins</strong> with psd files included.

Customizable item border size, color, dropshadow and other visual settings can be configured with ease.

Optional <strong>deeplinking</strong> (unique link for each gallery item).

<strong>Swipe support</strong> for mobile devices and optional <strong>keyboard support</strong> for desktop.

All buttons are optional and can be positioned near or outside the current gallery item, plus fine tune control for the buttons position.

<strong>API</strong> support.

<strong>Autohide buttons</strong>, the buttons can be set to autohide after a number of seconds of inactivity.

Optional and customizable <strong>thumbnails</strong>. The thumbnails size, hover effect, hover custom icons, border and other settings.

Optional <strong>description window</strong> with two type of animation effects that can be positioned at the top or bottom of the galley item.

Image zoom button with image pan support (optional).

Slideshow button and slideshow animated preloader plus customizable slideshow time delay (optional).

<strong>Facebook</strong> share button (optional).

Next and previous buttons (optional).

<strong>Fullscreen</strong> button (optional).

Hide or show thumbnails button (optional).

Video / audio / slideshow <strong>loop</strong> and <strong>autoplay</strong> (optional).

Detailed <strong>documentation</strong> and sample files.

Many other features.

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