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Magento 2.0 Shop By Brand Extension (Magento Extensions)

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Magento 2.0 Shop By Brand Extension

Every online shopping website contains thousands of products for online buyers. While the wide product range allows buyers to get their hands on the best suitable one, but it also increases the trouble of searching for the best one. And if you run an online shopping website, you already know how difficult it is for your customers to find something they require very fast.

With a powerful product search extension, it is feasible for the web-store owners to increase sales by allowing visitors to search for the desired products easily. Of course, Magento comes with a search feature, but buyers always look for the better options and Shop By Brands Magento2 Extension allows customers to search products easily through the navigation bar that is created just below the top navigation bar on the website.

This is a great addition to your online shopping website to let brand-conscious shoppers to save their time and find the best-suitable products from their trusted brands. It allows buyers to simply navigate through products listed under their own trusted brands. For example, if they are looking for products from a brand that is having “D” in its initials, they can simply hover over the “D” and all brands listed under “D” will be available. They can select the particular brand and all products will be available from that particular brand name.


Alphabetical Search Bar Created

Once the extension is installed on your Magento2 store, an alphabetical search bar is created just below the top navigation bar where products can be searched according to their brand names.

Alphabetical Brands Listing

Shop By Brands Magento2 Extension makes it easy for buyers to search for products easily with alphabetical brands listing to have a look at all the products listed under their trusted brands.

Show All Brands

Visitors can simply hover over the alphabetic to check the list of all brands available under the particular alphabet or choose to navigate through all the listed brands with the “View All” feature.

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