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MiGS Gateway Master in Woocommerce (Plugins)

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Customers support :-
Customers support :-

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Migs Gateway Master in Woocommerce

Online shopping portals require integrating payment gateways for easy payments for the products purchased online. This is because cash on delivery can’t be provided to all the products and all the regions. Hence integrating MIGS Payment Gateway is the smartest choice available for online merchants to instantly start accepting payments. MIGS Gateway Master in WooCommerce is an easy-to-use plugin, designed for the new businesses to start accepting payments from international customers.

The MIGS is a leading payment gateway, supporting almost all the major credit and debit cards, making it easier and stress free for buyers to pay for products they’re planning to purchase.

MasterCard Internet Gateway Service Woocommerce plugin is one of the most popular and trusted payment processing gateways around the world for offering easy, safe, and affordable credit card processing. Take advantage of MIGS for payment processing with the advance plugin for WooCommerce.

Key Features :

    Supports app major banks that use this payment gateway.

  • Display card security number (optional).
  • No monthly payments required.
  • Supports Merchant Server and Hosted Server.
  • External payment selection supported for hosted server/3-party payments.
  • Easy to install & configure.
  • Compatible with latest Woocommerce & WordPress versions.
  • No empty cart on cancel
  • Enter MerchantId, AccesCode and Secure Secret

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