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Add Multiple Product To cart Magento Extension (Magento Extensions)

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Magento Add Multiple Products to Cart makes it super easy for your online customers to add multiple products to cart from any category or product listing page with just a single click of mouse button. At the same time, they also get the luxury of defining the quantity of every product they add to cart.      

Compatible with: 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9.0.


Do Your Customers Prefer Purchasing Multiple Products to Save Time? Here is the Solution You Need!

Creating a positive shopping experience for your customer is key to the success of your online shop. Allowing them to purchase multiple products at one time helps create that positive online shopping experience.

For this purpose, your online shop needs a robust and user-friendly Magento Add Multiple To cart extension to let your online customers add multiple products to cart with a single click from any category or product listing page.

Add Multiple Products to Cart Creates Positive Online Shopping Experience for Customers Because…

  • Super-easy Installation Process.
  • Multiple Settings Options Available in Admin Panel 
  • Just Selection of Checkbox front of Every Product and Click on Add All to Cart Button Adds All Products to Cart for Customers.

Features Showcase:

Add Multiple Products to Cart With Ease:

Your customers don’t have ages to select every product and add it to cart separately. They need a solution that saves their time and effort. This is where this easy to install and user-friendly Magento cart extension lets your customers add multiple products to cart just by selecting a checkbox available under every product.

 Add Any Number of Products:

Defining quantity of every product separate is headache for customer. You don’t want to give your customer such a negative shopping experience on your website. Therefore, Magento Add Multiple Products to Cart is just the most perfect solution you need to let your customers define the quantity of each product while they are adding products to cart.

Check All Button:

It is a luxury for your online shoppers. They will use it to add multiple products cart from a particular category on product listing page. They will just need to click on “Check All Button” for this purpose. 

Just a Single Click Adds Products to Cart

Your customers want to stay away from the botheration of adding all products to cart separately. This is why this Magento Cart Extension comes equipped with ‘Add All to Cart Button. Just a single click on this button will add all of their selected products to cart.

The success of your online shop is subject to the positive shopping experience you give to your customers. Integration of our Add Multiple Products to Cart with your website gives exactly that to your customers.

Integrate it with your e-commerce website right now and see your pool of customers and ROI skyrocketing like never before!

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