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Advanced Recent Sales Notification Magento Extension (Magento Extensions)

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Advanced Recent Sales Notification Magento Extension

User engagement and trust factor matter a lot when it comes to online shopping industry. People believe in buying from the websites where others are buying too and the only way to let your online visitors know about the sales taking place on your store is “Recent Sales Notifications.” These notifications let your visitors know about the current sales that are taking place on your website. Along with allowing visitors to know about the sales taking place on your Magento store, the recent sales notifications also let them know about the trending products and best-selling products.

Displaying real-time notifications with Advanced Recent Sales Notification Extension for Magento Extension is the easiest way to promote your trending and recently sold products the most effective, innovative and cost-effective way.

Advanced Recent Sales Notification Magento Extension is an easy-to-use Magento extension, designed for modern shopping websites. For every product sold on your store, a popup notification will be displayed with all details like product image, description, customer name, location of purchase, etc.

With this extension installed at your Magento store, it is easy to improve the trust factor by informing live visitors about the sales taking place online. The sales notification popup is automatically hidden after a few seconds so visitors’ shopping experience is not obstructed.


  • Multi-lingual Notifications to let your visitors read everything about recently sold products in a language they understand.
  • Product Details in notification to let users know everything about the product. Notification contains all the related product details such as its name, image, etc.
  • Customer Details are also displayed on each sales notification popup to create a sense of authenticity among website existing visitors.
  • Each notification comes with a product image along with other relevant information regarding the product and buyer.

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