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User Management (PHP Scripts)

User management system is designed to work with the majority of websites, such as custom websites and CMS (such as WordPress) as a microsite on the same server.

This web application is written in <strong>CodeIgniter 3.x (PHP 5.6, MySql 5.6)</strong> and using <strong>Bootstrap 4.x</strong> with a minimal design to make it easy for web developers to edit or implement their unique UI.

The features are not limited to only Sign Up and Login or making user’s account. This User Management system is able to:

  • Sign up Users
  • Reset Password
  • User Verification
  • Control Panel
  • Internal Messaging system
  • Full Control of User’s Account
  • Privatizing Existing Contents
  • User’s Activity Reports
  • Security features
This project keeps growing &amp; I will tweet any new update about my items on <a href="" rel="nofollow">@ardawanIzadi</a>

Server Requirements

PHP 5.6
MySql 5.6

Live Preview

I believe in what you see should be what you get. The live preview will give you a real experience of the web application which means you don’t need to have demo username or password to login but you need to sign up with a valid Email address to see how the application will verify your Email via sending you a verification email.
All the sign-ups will be an admin account to demonstrate the full application but on the Demo application, you are not able to do any action.

Demo Account

Username: admin
Password: admin

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