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UniFilter – Multipurpose jQuery Plugin for Filtering, Sorting & Searching (Navigation)

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Multipurpose jQuery Plugin for Filtering, Sorting & Searching

UniFilter plugin was created with the idea to make filtering, searching and sorting in a list of items as simple as possible. In its basis plugin takes all data from “data-” attributes assigned to list items and then it manipulates DOM tree by changing items position and appearance depending on active filters, search queries and selected sorting option.

UniFilter allows to use filters, sorting and search together or you can use them separately. For instance, you may want to add a single search field for a small photo gallery or five filters for your online shop. Also you can place UniFilter anywhere on your website, either it’s a sidebar or on top of the grid.


  • Multiple filters and search boxes
  • Searching by one or few words
  • Multilevel filtering
  • Arranging list items by their best match with active filters & search queries
  • “BestMatch” filtering mode
  • Two predefined templates
  • No markup required
  • Support for any grid type
  • Compatible with Masonry Plugin
  • Arbitrary UniFilter placement – in sidebar or on top of the grid
  • Automatic pulling filters tags from list items


# version 1.0 (Apr 21, 2018)
- plugin released!


Photos & Images –,,
Icons –,
Masonry Plugin –

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