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Single Channel Radio Application (Full Applications)

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Product description

This is a single channel radio streaming application for android devices.
It has a very simple implementation for user friendly interface and smooth
performance even on very low internet speed. The entire application has been
designed on a single screen for simple user interface.

There are play, pause, stop options for controlling radio player.
User can see all program names along with host name and can set alarm for
favorite program.

Player stops and starts automatically when incoming or outgoing call event happens.
User can control sound either from the app interface or pressing device volume buttons.

Recording option allows user to record any live program and using share option user
can share app url.

If internet connection is not available then a snack bar prompts user for enabling
internet connection.

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Here is the detailed feature list:

  • Single page application
  • Supporting shoutcast and icecast
  • Playing radio by live streaming
  • Enable to play on slow internet speed with minimum delay
  • Recording live program
  • Play, pause, resume and volume control system
  • Alarm facilities for upcoming program
  • Interactive animation
  • Auto detection of internet connection
  • Material design
  • App sharing option
  • Controlling player from foreground notification
  • Complete Admob integration (banner and full-screen ad)
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App Demo
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App Video

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Technical Documentation

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