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Dictionary App Template on Firebase | Offline Capability | Push Notification (Full Applications)

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Product description

This is a complete and feature rich android dictionary template that allows you to set real time database backend like English
to any language with word meaning, synonym, antonym, type of words, examples and new word adding facilities.

This is a complete and feature rich dictionary template which includes maximum features like English to your
native language or native language to another language as you need. We have used firebase database
as backend. Under database we have used English to Bengali word meaning. If you want you can changeeasily from one language to another language.

A very useful and compact homepage has been designed with material design that words will come dynamically.

Basic functionalities are i.e: search, speech, pronounce, favorite, history and add words etc. If you need
you can include or add your specific words, to save favorite words with history, admob etc.

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Here is the detailed feature list:

  • Word list with search capability
  • Offline capability
  • Accurate pronunciation
  • Text and voice search word
  • Add new word facilities
  • Favorite word list
  • Speak out the list
  • Search history
  • Push notification for new word update
  • Complete material design
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App Demo
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App Video


Technical Documentation

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