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Multi Channel TV Streaming App with YouTube and IP TV compatibility with AdMob (Full Applications)

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Product description

Native android online TV viewer application with categorised multi channel facilities that broadcast live TV
streaming and youtube live streaming.

We have divided Channels by their Category like NEWS, Sports, Music etc. Favorite Channel Specification, playing video
both Streaming and Youtube URL , Share app , Rate app are those feature in this application.

User will be able to seeing Multi Live TV channels on their android Device.This app includes maximum features what
a multi-TV app should have. you can set both live streaming and youtube Video URL in this application.

A very useful and compact homepage has been designed with all dynamic data. Basic functionality i.e: category list,
favorite List, Channel List etc has been included into the application. At top of the home page showing those
channels that live on time, you can separate those TV Channel what you like by clicking favorite icon and those
are separate in the favorite List.

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Here is the detailed feature list:

  • Complete native multi channel TV app
  • Live TV Streaming and live youtube streaming.
  • IP TV Compatibility
  • Dynamic and customizable homepage
  • Interactive TV viewer page with related channel list.
  • Categorised channel list
  • Favorite List
  • Material design with easy navigation and better UX
  • Admob
  • Google analytics
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App Demo
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App Video

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Technical Documentation

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