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Magento 2 Product Image Zoom Extension – Magnify on Hover / Click (Magento Extensions)

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Enable Magnifier and Lightbox zoom option for product images to facilitate potential buyers with a clear picture of the store items with Magento Product Image Zoom extension. Add a magnifier to allow users zoom-in a specific part of the product image with mouse hover or click. You can display product images in a lightbox that offers a full-screen product preview. Configure settings for magnifier or lightbox for higher usability. Create rules to display image zoom option on selected products and restrict the feature to a store view and customer group. You can select image zoom option for a mobile view as well.

Allow Zoom Magnifier on Product Pages

Magento Product Image zoom extension allows you to facilitate users in magnifying different parts of the product images with a hover or click. They can scroll up or down for increasing or decreasing the size of the zoom magnifier.

Configuration of Magnifier Zoom

You can select a magnifier type that best suits the design of your landing pages.The available magnifier types are basic zoom, tint, inner zoom, lens zoom, fade in/fade out, easing, mouse wheel zoom, window position, or create a custom type. Each magnifier type has respective configuration settings.

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Enable Lightbox View for Product Images

Add lightbox zoom to product images and offers a full product preview to your potential buyers. You can enable rotation to facilitate users in viewing products from different angles.

Configuration of Lightbox Zoom

Configure transition effects and duration for amplifying the charm of your products. Enable previous and next arrow buttons and dots or thumb to streamline the navigation of product images.

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Setup Product Image Zooming for Mobile View

You can set up product image zooming to facilitate users in getting a clear product picture right on their mobile devices. Allow mobile users to continue browsing product pages on their mobile devices without thinking of switching to a bigger screen.

Settings of Mobile View

You can configure either lens zoom or inner zoom for mobile view. You can also choose the lens type and size.

Add rules for Zooming images of specific products

Magento Product Image Zoom extension allows you to set rules and define conditions for allowing image zooming to specific products. You can add multiple rules and prioritize each of them. By defining conditions, you can allow image zoom to products with respect to their attributes.
For example, create a rule to display lightbox on product from women category only. In the same manner, you can configure conditional image zoom on product price, SKU, gender, feature, etc.

Restrict Image Zooming to Store Views and Customers

The addition of rules also empowers you to restrict the product image zooming feature to certain store views and customer group. Like create a rule for French Store View and it will stop zooming images to users of the English store view. In the same manner, you can restrict a rule to customer groups like VIP, retailers, wholesalers, etc.

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