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20 Quiz Pack for SocioQuiz Vol 5 (Add-ons)

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Most awaited quizzes pack is now available. YES!! 20 brand new quizzes with user image and results, for your SocioQuiz Site.

Note: This pack just include quizzes, SocioQuiz is sold separately by different author.

All Quizzes has been taken from

Quizzes Pack 4 PSDs

Quizzes Pack 5 PSDs

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Quiz Pack Vol 1

Quiz Pack Vol 2

Quiz Pack Vol 3

Whats in the package?

Can You Spell The 25 Hardest Words In English?

What % Asshole Are You?

Which Planet Are You REALLY From?

What Type Of Dreamer Are You?

Are You A Highly Sensitive Person?

What Is Your Most Charming Quality?

Are You Cute, Pretty Or Hot?

What % Corrupted Are You?

This Inkblot Test Can Determine Your Greatest Fear

The Way You See Beauty Will Reveal Your Hidden Personality

Are You Wifey-Material?

How Healthy Is Your Mind?

What Type Of Traveler Are You?

What Type of Ninja Are You?

What Kind of Parent Will You Be?

Will Your Marriage Last?

What % Drama Queen Are You?

How Unique Are You Really?

Which 4 Letter Word Perfectly Describes You?

Which Toy From Toy Story Is Your Actual Plastic Counterpart?

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