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AI Crud Composer (Create ERP|Hrms|Cms|All type php software) Generate UI Database to PHP CRUD (Add-ons)

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AI Crud Composer (artificial intelligence crud generator) Generate UI Database to Core Php and Php CodeIgniter

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Good News for Php Developers
No More Waste your valuable Time
Why we type manually code which is common
So Get your 80% Completed application
Login and register ,menu and access already there
Just Make Database and Get your full application code (we provide 2 framework core php,CodeIgniter php)
After Generate Code Your super crud application is ready now modify copy and paste customize application as per your client requirements
Easy to extend code

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AI Crud Composer

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AI Crud Composer Features.

  • Visual database diagram
  • Generate database with relationship
  • Export Database Script In MySql and MsSql server
  • Create 15 Tables in a application
  • Export Image Database Diagram with relationship
  • Insert ,Update,Delete Tables and Tables Columns
  • All Useful Database Datatypes
  • When we use Advanced Datatypes :-String Make Text box,Int make Number text box,File Upload ,Calendar,Date time,current log ind user,current date time,Ck Editor,Text area,bit make a checkbox
  • When we make relationship its automatic make Drop down list on UI
  • Select your database and select php Framework and generate code
  • Import Database Tables from another database to current database
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After Generate Code In Coding Features.

  • Understand able directory structure
  • Well Easy to Understand able code In core php framework
  • The Best CodeIgniter framework
  • Generate Table Models classes
  • Generate Table Controllers
  • Generate Table Views
  • Fully Secure Code
  • Login and Register Page with authentication
  • Layout Page
  • Admin Lte Default Theme
  • Generate all tables MySql.sql Database file with relationship
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Generated Php application UI Features.

  • Admin lte responsive design
  • Graphical dashboard
  • All type charts,Bar, Dunant etc.
  • Jquery UI
  • Search able drop-down
  • Calendar
  • Ck Editor
  • all components are there just ready to use.
  • Login and register page,dashboard other all pages will be generated automatically when you generate application after create your database
<p><strong>Technology Features.</strong><br />

  • mvc 5
  • With Entity Framework 6
  • Jquery Latest
  • Grid Datatable
  • Responsive BootStrap Design Admin Lte
  • <p><strong>Application which generated by AI Crud Composer</strong><br /> 

    Hrms Demo
    username and password=hr
    MLM Demo
    username and password=admin
    CRM Demo
    username and password=admin

    <strong>Program Include</strong><br /> 

    Only Setup Published Or some useful files ,direct Install on your IIS
    Any issue or query email or skype: [email protected]

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    System Requirement.
    Windows Server or Windows Hosting.
    IIS7 OR above
    .Net framework 4.5.1 OR above
    Sql Server 2008 OR above

    Installation<br />

    :Unzip Solution
    :Paste Code In IIS wwwroot directory
    :Create Database In MS Sql Server
    :Take Database script from root and run in your mssql server
    :Change Connection string of database on Web.Config file in Code
    :Run It On localhost

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