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POTENTGRAM # Instagram Scraper & Auto Follow (Windows)

Video DEMO:

POTENTGRAM is an Instagram bot able to find potential accounts to extract their followers to follow them later.

When we search for a specific niche, POTENTGRAM displays the most relevant keywords based on the one you entered. In this way we get to find Instagram accounts that we can consider potential.

After proceeds to extract from the accounts chosen their own followers. If we are a drinks company, it does not make sense to follow followers of accounts that like football, but if it makes sense to follow followers of bar accounts, alcoholic beverages, beers, ... all could be keywords to look for potential accounts .

Its use is very simple. It is a very powerful, well-used tool that can grow Instagram accounts in a very simple and fast way.

For advised use in VPS with Windows, where to establish a good delays so that it stays the whole day doing follows.

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