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Online Quiz Application in C# ASP .Net MVC (Forms)

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Quizbee is an online quiz application developed to make the process of creating and attempting quizzes easy and fun. Users can create as many quizzes as they like, each with any number of questions and options. This is developed in C# ASP .Net MVC with Entity Framework. The code is very easy to understand and modifiable.

Full Source Code and User Guide/Setup Documentation included.


Here are some of the features of Quizbee.

  1. Add any number of quizzes.
  2. Add any number of questions to each quiz.
  3. Each question can have any number of options.
  4. The order of options is different every time a question is displayed to the users.
  5. Quiz is automatically submitted when the timer is completed.
  6. A Detailed result of each quiz is displayed to user for all attempts.
  7. All the listing pages have search and pagination functionality with them.
  8. Quizbee is completely responsive because it is using Bootstrap framework.
  9. URLs of the pages are SEO friendly and can be changed from one location.
  10. Creating and Updating profile is very easy.
  11. The source code is very minimal and easy to understand.
  12. and many more…


I have uploaded a demo video on youtube which you can check here.
Check Demo on Youtube


I will be supporting and making updates to Quizbee here on codecanyon. Send me a message if you need any help.


I am attaching a few screenshots here. Check demo video for full details.
Home Page

Create Quiz

Quiz Results

Responsive Quiz Application

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