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Kunai Throw – HTML5 Game (Games)

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Kunai Throw is an avoidance game, throwing the kunai to the target circle. Tap the screen to throw a kunai. Hit the circle with certain amount of kunai, but avoid touching other kunai


  • Unlimited levels.
  • One touch control.
  • Easy to reskin.
  • Multi-Platform.
  • HTML5 Mobile optimized.
  • Layout HD 1080p (16:9).
  • Native Construct 2 plugins.
  • Construct 2 & 3 ready! (capx and c3p included).


You need Construct 2 version R256 or Construct 3 version R94.2 with personal license to able modified the game source code.

We do not support and are not responsible for any problems that occur when you use third party software, for example Cocoon, Cordova, Intel XDK, Construct 2 & 3 third party plugins.

We do not serve the services for the modification of this game makes into a custom game.

To make changes / modified the source code, game assets, export the game to the multi platform you must have knowledge using Construct 2 or Construct 3.

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