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20 Quiz Pack for SocioQuiz Vol 4 (Plugins)

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Most awaited quizzes pack is now available. YES!! 20 brand new quizzes with user image and results, for your SocioQuiz Site.

Note: This pack just include quizzes, SocioQuiz is sold separately by different author.

All Quizzes has been taken from

Want More Quizzes? Buy Vol 1, 2 and 3?

Quizzes with result and user picture Vol 1

Quizzes with result and user picture Vol 2

Quiz Pack Vol 1

Quiz Pack Vol 2

Quiz Pack Vol 3

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Whats in the package?

Which Flower Best Reflects Your Soul?

What wedding dress is for you?

Which Of The 20 Types Of Beauty Do You Have?

This Colour Test Will Reveal Your Hidden Desire

What Kind Of First Impression Do You Make?

What Should Be Your Actual Birthstone?

Can You Figure Out Men Just By Looking At Them?

What Kind Of Demon Are You?

How Would You Die In A Horror Movie?

How Weird Are You?

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

What Were You Created From?

What Is Your Cutest Personality Trait?

What Sport Should you Play?

Which Hollywood Job Is For You?

No One Can Score 10/10 In The Trickiest Math Quiz Ever

Answer These Questions And We’ll Reveal Where Your Soulmate Lives!

Are You a High Maintenance? Or Low Maintenance Girl Friend?

Only 4% Of People Will Ace The Hardest General Knowledge Drill Ever

What Age Will You Live Until?

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