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Paypal Multicurrency Magento 2 (Magento Extensions)

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Paypal Multi-Currency extension is developed to make the user experience smoother for your customers.

This extension provides flexibility to convert currency which is not supported by paypal to other supported currency.

If your store’s base currency is USD, and your customer chooses EURO on your webpage, he/she will be confused at checkout. The reason is because on the paypal site your user will be presented a price in USD instead of EURO, which may make you lose. This extension rectifies this problem by keeping the currency intact throughout the entire order process.

If you are using PayPal standard or PayPal express, this extension is for your store.

Key Features


  • Allows all currencies to use with PayPal standard & PayPal express payment method
  • Allows to accept payment in currency other than base currency
  • Allows customer to place order in their own currency available in store
  • Easy one click installation
  • Supported with magento 1.9.x

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