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Dena – jQuery Special Tree Menu (Navigation)

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Perhaps sometimes it happened to you that you are tired of the busy menu of your site Which has many options and looking for a way to set up your menu. This code can be the best option for your needs.

Tree menus are one of the most popular menu types for use on sites. Often used in store sites for product categorization. Sites that need to categorize the menus.

such as: Product menu, Site Content Menu, Sitemap menu and Etc.


The Dana tree menu, instead of the standard menu, Deliver you a tree menu. This menu, which has very low code size, will not hurt your site at all.

The items in this menu and the submenus have no limitations and you can have infinite submenus.

The colors used in this menu are all color-coded and widely used. You can easily customize the menu color.

Dana’s tree menu features

  • Use css html jQuery
  • Use of flat colors
  • Responsive
  • Moving softly
  • Browser compatibility
  • Find the active menu and highlight it
  • Multiple support – Use multiple trees on one page
  • Easy to use
  • Animation when opened
  • Has 3 different layouts

For font icons, it has use “material Design Icons”. The color of the icons and their type is completely editable. If you want to use the other icons font, you must change the “.mdi” class into the class of this font icon. For example, if you use “font awesome” , change the “.mdi” class to “.fa”.

Using this code is very simple.

To use this code, you must first attach the “jquery_specialTreeMenu.js” file to your template. Then write the html code for your menu according to the preview file standard. Then select the theme and attach the corresponding CSS files to your template.

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