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PiCroft – Voice assistant and Artificial Intelligence platform (Add-ons)

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Meet PiCroft Premium

- Voice assistant  – Artificial Intelligence – Operating System – Smart Home Automation – Open Source – 

(English language) more languages coming soon.

Make your home a smart home with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Voice recognition.

What is PiCroft ?

PiCroft is a Open Source platform, based on artificial intelligence and voice recognition,writhed in Python And C+, optimized for Raspberry PI3 and 3+ boards and Linux.

Note You need to have your own Raspberry Pi 3 board so you can run PiCroft. +
– USB Microphone
– Audio Speakers

What can i make with PiCroft ?

Its simple do whatever you want!
  • Control your Home devices via voice control.
  • Bring your robot to life, and give it a voice and a wiki brain.
  • Why not build your own AI project.
  • Implement this theology in your project
Activate you PiCroft by wake word (Say: Hey PiCroft)

Exmple : Hey PiCroft tell me about Evanto :)
PiCroft is searching on Wiki and speeches you back the result..
– You can change the wake word to rename it how you want..
– You can change voice and STT

Why PiCroft Premium ?
  • Over the last year we have future optimize and minifed the code, for future development performances.
  • We are continuously working to improve the user experience.
  • Depreciated free.
  • Support.
    What more do you want ?
You have more than 200 skills already working, and the list of skills is updating monthly.


- Weather Current Weather and Forecasts

“what is the weather”

- Pairing

“pair my device”

-  Wikipedia queries

“tell me about Bitcoin”

- Reminders

“remind me to turn off the oven in 5 minutes”

You can see the full list of skills in our documentation links.

Ask PiCroft to install new skills.

Control your home and devices with your voice!

and more to go…..


Compatibility :

TV Voice Controol

Google Chromecast 2.0 Hdmi Streaming Media Player

Ask your AI to adjust thermostat temperature

Nest thermostat

Ask your AI to turn the lights on and off

Philips hue lights

Matrix Voice

And more coming soon.


Get PiCroft work in less then 15 minutes.

PiCroft comes on an image made for Raspberry Pi!
You have to copy the PiCroft image in your SD disk, start your PI, enter the six digits code showed on the screen and its working.
Connect your PiCroft online with your phone or router and your done.

-Voice recognition and artificial intelligence technology, it’s already been implemented buy web browsers and web platforms cms, cars, hotels, toys, automation processes and so on.

8 Switch Relay Module

Video Demo :

Skills with Control Unit

Video Demo :

<img src="" alt="PiCroft" />


<img src="" alt="PiCroft" />

<img src="" alt="PiCroft" />


We love to build awesome solutions for your business.
With all our passion and experience in Artificial Intelligence & Voice Assistant .

Just like WordPress all over again!

You can be the first taking the lead developing your house, office or business,
with the help of Artificial intelligence and voice recognition.

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