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Vertical Ultimate 3D Carousel (3D)

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Vertical Ultimate 3D Carousel is a fully 3D multimedia carousel slider plugin that allows to display multimedia content with an unique original layout from a 3D perspective. It’s perfect for any kind of presentation, for anyone that wants to deliver a great impact to thier visitors. It runs on all major browsers and mobile devices like <strong>iPhone</strong>, <strong>iPad</strong>, <strong>IOS</strong>, <strong>Android</strong> and <strong>Windows</strong>. When a thumbnail is clicked you can choose to do nothing, display multimedia content using our great <a href="" rel="nofollow">revolution lightbox</a> or to open a new webpage. The lightbox has support for <strong>image</strong>, <strong>video</strong> (mp4), <strong>audio</strong> (mp3), <strong>Vimeo</strong>, <strong>YouTube</strong>, <strong>iFrame</strong>, <strong>Google maps</strong> and <strong>flash</strong>. Vertical Ultimate 3D Carousel has high performance using <strong>OOP</strong> code and the latest <strong>CSS</strong> techniques, ready for mobile with swipe, very flexible, easy to setup and extremely customizable.

Responsive / Fluid layout with autoscale function.

Mobile and desktop optimized (<a href="" rel="nofollow">Ipad demo here!</a>).

Lazy scrolling / loading, the posibility to initialize the carousel on scroll when the product is visible in the page, this way for example if the product is in a section of a webpage that is not visible it will not be initialized / load images, instead the carousel will be initalized / load images only when the user is scrolling to that section in which the carousel is added.

Scroll and/or <strong>drag and swipe</strong> functions for the desktop and mobile devices.

<strong>Mouse Wheel</strong> support – navigation with mouse wheel scrolling.

<strong>Keyboard</strong> support – the left and right arrows can be used for navigation through the thumbnails.

Optional <strong>Categories Menu</strong>.

Support for <strong>unlimited categories</strong> and each category can have any number of thumbnails.

The option to start at a specific category.

Customizable thumbnails size and topology geometry.

Customizable hover effect for the side thumbnails.

The thumbnail text can be positioned inside or under the thumbnail.

Customizable / optional <strong>reflection<strong> for the thumbnails.</strong></strong>

Customizable <strong>description text<strong> for the center thumbnail.</strong></strong>

Customizable controls – each button and scrollbar component can be changed.

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Revolution lightbox</a> used to display multimedia content. When a thumbnail is clicked the lightbox can be used to display <strong>image<strong>, <strong>video<strong> (mp4), <strong>audio<strong> (mp3), <strong>Vimeo<strong>, <strong>YouTube<strong>, <strong>iFrame<strong>, <strong>Google maps<strong> or <strong>flash<strong>.</strong></strong></strong></strong></strong></strong></strong></strong></strong></strong></strong></strong></strong></strong></strong></strong>

Customizable controls – each button, scrollbar, bullets navigation, component is optional and can be modified.

Optional and customizable <strong>Shadow Box Gradient<strong> for the thumbnails.</strong></strong>

<strong>Custom action<strong> for the thumbnail click.</strong></strong>

Powerful <strong>API<strong> included.</strong></strong>

You can include multiple instances on the same page.

Slideshow <strong>Autoplay<strong>.</strong></strong>

<strong>Three skins<strong> included.</strong></strong>

Detailed <strong>documentation<strong> and examples files.</strong></strong>

Powerful <strong>API<strong> included.</strong></strong>

Tones of other features.

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