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Know Your Client Portal (KYC Portal) (Forms)

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Know Your Customer Portal (KYC Portal)

We strongly believe that eco-centric/paperless office is not at all possible without providing self-service options. KYC portal is developed with that intention.
KYC Portal is very useful and powerful portal for any company who wish to know about their clients (or) vendors (or) employees (or) suppliers (or) partners etc.,

In other words: The portal that helps to grab the basic information and documentation about your clients (or) vendors (or) employees (or) Suppliers (or) Partners etc.,

This PHP script supports region based dynamic form creation, meaning if your clients span across different countries or regions we as an admin can create a dynamic forms based on that country, so when your client logs in only their country/region specific form will be visible for them to upload their details, because each country or each region in a same country follows a unique requirements on official documents.

KYC Portal provides Clean Dashboard, Reports, Contacts, Blog and Setting options for administration of your client accounts and when you make any change in the source form then your clients can log back again and update that as well, which gives overall completion percentage visibility too.

Eventually the KYC Portal provides a cute and handy UI or platform for you to grab details easily, quickly and conveniently with bare minimal options

Note: Admin credentials not been provided for the demo testing site is because visitors changing all options including the admin password. Please excuse us but screenshots are provided which certainly gives a good idea about how admin dashboard looks like. However the client login for testing is fully open please register in our demo site and have a look at it, Thank you

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