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Backup Manager for EasyAds (Add-ons)

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Backup Manager for EasyAds Classified Ads CMS

Keep your files and database safe with the backup manager tool extension for EasyAds – Powerful Classified Ads CMS
This Extension will make backups automatically on your server for your EasyAds files and EasyAds database as well as on demand backups by only one click from admin area

This extension has the following set of features:
  1. Automatic backup to a location of your choice.
  2. On click manual backup when you like.
  3. Sends notifications on your email about the status of each backup if wanted.
  4. Custom email templates for notifications via Email system available in EasyAds – Powerful Classified Ads CMS
  5. Keeps a limited number of backups archives if wanted.
  6. Backup list, download and delete available in admin panel.
INSTALL Extension:
  • Unzip the archive and upload backupManager folder to web/engine/extensions OR upload it via admin -> extensions manager.
  • Login to admin and enable the extension from admin -> extensions manager
  • Go to admin->settings->backup manager and fill the settings needed
REQUIREMENTS for extension to work:
The backup extension requires you to have the exec() function enabled in your PHP install since it will call a few command line commands to create the backups.<br />

Additionally, this only works on a linux environment where the ‘tar’ and ‘mysqldump’ commands are available (99% of linux servers have them)

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