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InstaAutomation – Instagram Auto Follow/UnFollow – Chrome Extension (Miscellaneous)

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If you are into Instagram Marketing and looking to rise the number of your followers, then obviously you are using some automated tools to mass follow/unfollow. All such tools are platform dependent plus pretty complex when its comes to use them effectively.

If you want to follow followers of specific account, then this extension comes with very basic settings option which will be more than enough to help you gaining more followers.


  • Random Delay in seconds between each Follow/Unfollow
  • Follow Followers of specific Account
  • UnFollow your Followings
  • Break time in minutes after following/unfollowing certain number of users.
  • Automatically stop, in case you hit temporary ban.
Since its chrome extension and to make it work properly, your chrome window with Instagram page must be active (not minimized or any other tab open).

How it Works

Watch video preview to see extension in action


  • This extension does not guarantee that you will be able to follow/unfollow all usernames. It will just automate your process which you generally do manually.
  • In both Regular and Extended License, you will get minified version of all JS files. Extended license will only give you rights to charge your customer for this extension. For non-minified version, please contact me for price!
  • Any major modification to Instagram platform may affect this extension’s functionality, which may or may not result in discontinuation of support or update.

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