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Magento 2 Request For Quote (Magento Extensions)

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Magento 2 Request For Quote

Magento 2 Request For Quote enables customers to shop products with ease by directly bargaining the product cost with the store admin. This extension brings lots of great features as well as navigation to make your customers’ shopping experience peerless.


  • Enable/disable for backend.
    Main Features extension:
    Magento quotation extension allows your customers to ask for a cost estimate about any product or service from your store without involving them in complicated process.

    Request Quotes Front-end:
    It also allows customers to use a user-friendly form to easily request a quote for a particular product at your Magento2 store.
    Supports All Types of Products:
    This extension supports all the products that come under the following categories: Simple products, Simple with custom options, Configurable products, group products with simple products, Downloadable products, and Bundle Products.

    Multiple Quote Requests at One:
    This extension facilitates customers to request a quote for multiple products in a single time.
    Admin can approve or decline customer quote: Admin will approve/disapprove quote of products.
    Track Your Incoming Quotes:
    With this extension, one can track the incoming quote requests of their pending proposals with easy-to-understand process.
    Email Notifications:
    This extension notifies the admin via mail for every quote request. Plus, it also notifies the customers about the approval or disapproval of their proposal (requested quote) through email.

    Convert Quotes into Orders:
    It facilitates buyers to easily convert their quotes into purchases. For example, once the quote request has been approved by admin, customer will receive a link to proceed with the check-out process with the custom price.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout installation Guide

Customers will get a zip folder and they have to extract the contents of this zip folder on their system.Upload code on root of public folder.

Steps to Enable Magento Extension on store.

Go to public html folder of project through command Line.
Like : cd /var/www/html/public_html Project folder
1)php bin/magento module:enable Woomagestore_AdvanceQuote
2)php bin/magento setup:upgrade
3)php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
4)php bin/magento cache:flush

Admin and Front-end screenshort.

Login with your Magento admin

Select Tabs for Magento2 Quote

Configuration of request quotation

Quotation list in Admin

Quotation detail submit by customer

Front-end Add to quote button

Apply quote of single product

Apply multiple quotation of products

Success Message after submit quotation

Customer Dashboard Listing Quotation

Success Message after submit quotation

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