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Magento2 Search By Brands (Magento Extensions)

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Magento2 Quick Search By Brands

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Magento2 Alphabetical Search By Brands offers feature of searching brands and helping customers to have a wonderful user experience.
It works by creating an alphabetical bar above the navigation bar where the complete list of the brands is available.
Multiple brands are available on a single page in an alphabetical manner whare customer can select brands.
Main Features extension:
Brand listing is displayed alphabetical bellow main-menu
The Extension is alphabetical brand search, below the navigation bar which in turn is placed on the top of the website.
Once the users hovers on the alphabet letter, it will display the list of all the available brands starting with that alphabet.

View All the brand of manufacture are sort alphabetically on page
Extension display all the brands available on the store.Example the customer is looking for a brand whose initial letter is ‘A’.
When the customer hovers over ‘B’ on the navigation bar on the top,all the brands with the initial letter as ‘B’ are displayed and
the user has the option of selecting the brand of his choice.

Results after searching Brands
Once customer click on a brand,a complete list of all the latest products is displayed.
Customers can easily view all the featured products in the recommended order.

Magento2 Quick Search By Brands installation Guide

Customers will get a zip folder and they have to extract the contents of this zip folder on their system.Upload code on root of public folder.

Steps to Enable Magento Extension on store.

Go to public html folder of project through command Line.
Like : cd /var/www/html/public_html Project folder
1)php bin/magento module:enable Woomagestore_AlphaSearch
2)php bin/magento setup:upgrade
3)php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
4)php bin/magento cache:flush

Admin and Front-end screenshort.

Login with your Magento admin

Select Woomagestore Tab on configuration for enable Extension

Brand listing is displayed alphabetical bellow main-menu

Show Brand on tooltip

View All brands on onepage

Show product based on brand search

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