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Digital Sell Marketplace PHP Script (Shopping Carts)

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Digital Sell Marketplace is a advanced lightweight PDO PayPal digital marketplace download script that lets you sell your products quickly & easily! The PRO version has double the features as the standard along with a brand new design and more configuration options to help your business run more smoothly and efficiently. This script is very lightweight but filled with tons of professional features that are similar to Codecanyon/marketplaces such as product support, coupon codes and categories!

Demo Login

Demo Login: [email protected] / 12345678

Admin Login: [email protected] / 12345678

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  • Secure Admin Dashboard
  • Secure User Overview
  • User Management System (Ban User, View Purchases, Remove Purchases)
  • Ban User/IP
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • User Wishlist
  • Custom Transaction Fee
  • News/Announcement System
  • Prepaid Credit Functionality
  • AJAX powered (Upload, Update, Edit)
  • Bootstrap
  • Coupon Codes
  • Product Categories
  • Search Transactions
  • PayPal Gateway (More coming soon!)
  • Email Notifications
  • Site Search
  • Stock Control/Inventory
  • Forgot Password
  • Support
  • Simple & Easy Installer!
  • Featured/New/Popular items
  • Check if user has downloaded item
  • Sales Statistics
  • Basic Product Visits Statistics
  • Newsletter System
  • PDO Powered
  • …and loads more!

Upcoming Features

  • See change log
✔️ = Done
//19 February 2018 v1.0
#Initial features ✔️
//23 February 2018 v1.0a
#Bug Fix ✔️
//7 March 2018 v1.1a
#Bug Fixes ✔️
#Changes to code ready for big update ✔️
//15 March 2018 v1.1b
#Added Product Stock Feature ✔️
#General Improvements ✔️
#Minor Bug Fixes ✔️
#Ratings & Reviews ✔️
#Improvements to .htaccess ✔️
//21 March 2018 v1.2a
#Ability to disabled reviews + views ✔️
#Responsive bugs fixes
#100% Bindparam (Very Secure)
#Added links to all areas where logo is shown ✔️
#Only allow product to be downloaded a certain number of times!
#Digital Product type (immediate or manual approval)
#UI Improvements ✔️
#Tool in admin to add a watermark to your images
//Early April 2018 v1.2b (Coming Soon)
#Code Cleanup
#New UI theme
#Improved SEO URLs
#Hidden Products
#When an item is removed, it removes it from the download section!
#Email Alert on item Update
#Allow GIFs for product upload!
#Coupons to only be for certain users/products
#Support Tickets
#When items paused/deleted remove 'Buy Now' btn
#Website Viewing Statistics
//June 2018 v1.2
#Email Verification
#SMTP Support
#Search in certain categories
#Redeem Credits


Digital Downloads PHP Script - PayPal Documentation


Digital Downloads PHP Script - PayPal Documentation

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