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Drs Expenses and Received Management System (Help and Support Tools)

                        Drs Expenses & Received Management System is an application to manage account received , due and daily expenses.
                    <h4 id="item-description__features">Features</h4>
                        <li>Add daily received,due and expenses transactions. </li>
                        <li>Date To Date report for received , due and expenses transactions. </li>
                        <li> Graphical representation of last 6 months received , due and expenses total sum. </li>
                        <li>Calculate company profite or loss (received – due)</li>
                        <li>Calculate Top expenses cetegories. </li>
                        <li>Last month’s transaction summary. </li>
                        <li>Manage client’s list. </li>
                        <li>Manage employee’s list. </li>
                        <li> Get amount of received or due according to client. </li>

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