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WordPress Plugin Update & License Server – Automatic Updates for your own Plugins (Help and Support Tools)

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What is the WordPress Plugin Update and License Server?

WordPress License Server enables you to supply <strong>automatic updates for the plugins you develop</strong>, while only allowing such features if the customer actually owns a license.<br />
You can either <strong>create and manage your own licenses</strong> or simply <strong>verify Envato Purchase Codes</strong> using the Envato API.<br />
<em>The plugin is built for other theme/plugin developers, who want automatic updates and license/Envato purchase code verification for their own plugins. So if you want to implement such features into your plugin, this project is right for you!</em>

Key Features

    <li><strong>Automatic updates</strong> for your premium plugins</li>
    <li>Verify <strong>Envato Purchase Codes</strong></li>
    <li><strong>Verify Licenses</strong> that you’ve issued yourself</li>
    <li>Detects if the customer is still in support-time window</li>
    <li>Easy PHP integration into your WordPress plugins</li>
    <li>Clean, extendable PSR-4 PHP code</li>
    <li><strong>Easy-to-use</strong> admin backend</li>
    <li>Beautiful User Interface</li>

Languages supported

Currently we only support English, but we’re working on translating it into German, Italian, Spanish and French!

<strong>Happy Updating!</strong>

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