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EDD Services – Fiverr-like Sales for WordPress (eCommerce)

EDD Services premium plug-in provides a full-featured package to make your WordPress e-shop into a Fiverr-like marketplace – but without crippling processing fees – where you will form long-lasting relationships with your customers through real-time interaction.

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You can view the official documentation for EDD Services by clicking here.

If you want hands-on experience, please review the live-demo by clicking here.


1.1.0 Change-Log

  • Added required files rendering above [purchase_link] short-code, for non-generic implementation
  • New file type added for required files – archive type
  • Popover display issue has been fixed
  • Settings page has been added which will gradually be expanded
  • Option for declaring all new downloads services by default has been added
  • Option for setting default revision count for new downloads has been added
  • Issue that prevented upload directory from being created on some servers has been fixed

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