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Cowgirl Shoot Zombies (Games)

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Description: Cowgirl Shoot Zombies is great shooter game. You need to eleminate all zombies on the stage to complete the level. There are 6 bullets in your gun. So, aim carefully!
You have 20 levels to complete game. Enjoy!

The game was made using the program Construct 2(r239).


<pre><code>- 20 levels

– Fullscreen mode
– Admob ad integrated (interstitial)
– Touch and Mouse controls
– Playable in all platforms (android, ios,windows, PC)
– Included Constuct 2 file (.capx), html5 game files, apk file in buyers pack
– Use “SpriteFont+” , “_iFrame & insertHTML” plugins (included in folder plugins)
– Use “LiteTween” behaviour (included in folder behaviours)
– Documentation(included in folder) explain how to; open project, install plugins and behaviours, edit project proporties, admob configuration, deploy game to your website and structure of layers
– Resolution: 1280×720
– You can export project for android, ios, windows using Follow this tutorial:

How to reskin game:

If you want to edit source code of the game, you will need to have a license of the program. But to reskin the game, you have to replace images in the “cowgirl_shoot_zombies_html” folder(included in buyers pack).

Replace music and sound effects in media folder. In “data.js” replace external links with yours. And, that’s it.
You have your own reskin game with your external links and ads.You can add your ads by uploading to your server 300×250 banner and put link to that page(replace with “ in “data.js” file).
Game has 20 levels, but you can easily add more levels. There are lot of objects with physics behaviours, so change their parametars and build much more interesting obstacles and gameplay. In documentation, provided, you can see how to export project for android, but you can also export for ios windows, also for desktop(html5 game). Also, you can use ludei service( for export project.
No programming knowledge needed for reskin game.

Google Play Store: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

Play Game Link: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

Youtube Video Link: <a href=";" rel="nofollow">;</a>

How to export project for android and ios: <a href=";t=221s&amp;list=WL&amp;index=10" rel="nofollow">;t=221s&amp;list=WL&amp;index=10</a>

Other tutorials: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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