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Ultimate Cryptocurrency Exchange (Miscellaneous)

Ultimate Cryptocurrency Exchange is an online trading platform for cryptocurrencies with your local currency. The idea here is to enable locals to trade using their local currency. Users first have to deposit
either cyrptocurrency or your local currency. For local currency you can set multiple deposit methods. You can set your own local trading platform and charge fees for every transaction.
The script uses for the cryptocurrency API.

Supported Coins

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Litecoin
  3. Dogecoin

We will be adding more coins

User Features

  • Deposit Local Currency using manual methods or configured online methods
  • Buy/Sell Supported Crypto Currency(Bitcoin,Litecoin,Dogecoin)
  • Request Withdrawal
  • See Trade History
  • Deposit Cyrptocurrency

Admin Features

  • Manage Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Setup Gateways
  • Send SMS & Emails to all users
  • See Profits
  • Manage Settings
  • Add Staff
  • Set Staff Roles for each staff
  • Set permissions for each staff role and control what pages they can see

Demo Details

The demo is using testnet data so you can send testnet transactions to the wallets there not actual coins

Demo Link

Admin Login Details: [email protected]/admin123

User Login Details: [email protected]/client123

For customizations email [email protected]

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