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Reaction Button jQuery Plugin Makes Everything Reactable (Miscellaneous)

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This jQuery plugin adds reaction icons to anything on a web page.


With this add-on you can add reaction icons to everything you have in mind. Posts, private messages, photos, comments, profiles, videos, paragraphs, whole pages, products…


You can change the following properties of the plugin;

  • Icons are designed as vectors in Photoshop can be completely editable
  • default behavior of the reaction button
  • restful API compatibility with auto mode or fixed HTTP verb
  • server HTTP status codes can be programmed by attaching event listener
  • can change the number of summary icons
  • eligible screen side on mobile
  • opening under or over the object
  • Installation with native JavaScript, jQuery or HTML data parameters
  • simple installation with HTML knowledge only


The plugin setup is very easy.

  1. Open the html file you want to run the plugin.
  2. Place the following code between the head tags.
    including code
  3. Set the file paths to your own system.
  4. Place the installation tags using the html as below where you want to insert the reaction icons.
    inline initialization
Besides these, <strong>CodeIgniter</strong> compliant <strong>PHP</strong> controllers, model files and <strong>SQL</strong> file will be provided in the package.

Future Features

  1. Add an optional update frequency counter in each instance and create a single network request for all of them if there are multiple instances on a page.
  2. Play a sound effect when the user’s reaction is successfully added.



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