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Arrows Action Engine (Games)

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High quality 2D Action / Brawler Engine made with Scirra’s Construct 2. If purchased, you will get the full CAPX File, with all of the advertised game mechanics and the exclusive royalty free artwork. This high quality engine includes…

-A Smoothe Scrolling Camera System 

-High action 60 FPS Fighting / Combat System
-Damage Particles on Collisions
-Optimized Mouse / Keyboard and Full Gamepad Support
-Challenging and Adaptive Enemy AI System
-Projectiles, Melee Attacks, and More!

Full, Customizable .CAPX File Included, this is a Construct 2 Developed HTML 5 template, this will not work with other platforms.

If you’re looking to make a game similar to Super Smash Bros, Nidhogg, Towerfall, or Megaman X, Lethal League, Samurai Gunn this 2D engine is the best way to start!

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