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B-Lead Grabber – Grab Leads from Bing – Chrome Extension (Miscellaneous)

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If you are one of those people who are into email marketing and constantly looking for targeted emails in Bing search result pages, then this chrome extension will automate everything for you with a click of a button!
To find more target emails, please use right keyword in search.


  • Easy to Use
  • Fully Automated
  • Scrape Urls from Bing Search Result Page
  • Visit Pages and Get emails for you

How it Works

Watch video preview to see extension in action


  • This extension does not guaranty that you will be able to scrape emails from every page since some pages make heavy use of javascript libraries such jquery, have some firewall, captcha verification etc..
  • You cannot enter your own URLs. Please use Scrape button! If you need such feature, please mail me for pricing.
  • All sales are final, so you better mail me first for any presale questions.
  • In both Regular and Extended License, you will get minified version of all JS files. Extended license will only give you rights to charge your customer for this extension. For non-minified version, please contact me for price!
  • Any major modification to Bing/Chrome platform may affect this extension’s functionality, which may or may not result in discontinuation of support or update.


This tool is not associated with any brand or website. We do not take any responsibility how you use this tool. It simply automate things which you can easily do manually.

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