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Advance Bluedart Shipping Integration Magento (Magento Extensions)

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Bluedart Shipping Integration Magento

Bluedart Shipping Integration is the best solution to make Cash on Delivery check feature available to the online customer.
The Extension works with users provided zipcode of delivery location.Admin will generate shipping label of products.Admin can generate Manifest of selected orders.
Extension generate PDF of shipment when Admin will generate AWB Number of orders.When admin will generate awb number shipment will created on orders.Admin have option to configure bluedart APi detail on backend.

Bluedart Features

Cash on Delivery check availability<br />

Generate single AWB number<br />

Mass AWB number generation<br />

Download multiple AWB number<br />

Generate Shipping Label of products.<br />

Update tracking number on Shipping and Tracking Information<br />

Generate multiple Shipping Label of products.<br />

Generate Manifest PDF by selecting orders<br />

Upload company logo on PDF<br />

Order PDF contains product details<br />

COD availability at checkout depends upon the zip code in shipping address<br />

Send/download AWB option available at admin Dashboard<br />

Setup for dimensions,weight,hight,length

Steps to be taken for Installation

Step-1. Upload code using FTP on root of project folder.

Step-2.Login with your Magento admin

Step-3. Return to Magento admin and clear cache from System -> Cache Management

. Logout from Magento admin and re-login.

How to Enable and Disable the Extension?

Step-4. Go to System -> Configuration ->Woomagestore Bluedart.

Generate single AWB Number after selecting single order.

After generating AWB number showing sucess message,and download PDF of AWB details.

View generated PDF of AWB number.

Generate Multiple AWB Number after selecting multiple orders.

Show Multiple orders form for generating shipment.

When AWB number will be generate.Shipment will be create automatically of this orders.

Select Multiple orders for generating shipping label.

Generate Shipping label of orders.

Generate Manifest of selected orders.


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