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School Accounting Software (DSAS) (Content Management)

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Dsas Accounting is an account software for schools, its light weight and flexible. it is design mainly for schools financial activity. its core aim is to help schools never to lose track of incoming and outgoing income and expenses.

Main Features :

  • Clean & Attractive UI
  • Know expected income per term.
  • Check school’s profit and lost
  • View student’s payment history
  • Get debtors list with less stress.
  • Salary allowance and deduction.
  • Keep tack of every expense made in the school.
  • Permission base system.
  • Manage incoming and outgoing staffs/Students
  • Add, Edit, View, Delete accounting data
  • Add , Edit , View, Delete ,Sort Students
  • Add , Edit , View, Delete Item Categories
  • Add , Edit , View, Delete ,Sort Staffs
  • Financial Report
  • Full and Clean Code
  • Properly outline comment
  • …and many more

Support :
If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of documentation, please feel free to email via my page contact form .Thanks so much!

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