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Dodge the Collision / (C2 + C3) Puzzle Game (Games)

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simply tap to start the motion of lines, on tapping again you can switch between vertical and horizontal line.

Using Dodge the Collision game template, you can make Collision game easily. No programming knowledge needed to modify this games.<br />

This game can be exported to different platforms including Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Tizen, Facebook, Mac, PC, etc.<br />

Construct2 or Construct3 is needed for this process.

<strong>Controls:</strong><br />

Touch or Mouse.

(✓) – Infinite levels.<br />

(✓) – Done with construct2 + construct3.
(✓) – LocalStorage (save level and Game setting).
(✓) – Working across HTML5 browsers.
(✓) – Files included as (.capx, c3p, .html, .png, .m4a, .ogg).
(✓) – Easy to reskin.
(✓) – Commented code.
(✓) – Responsive.
(✓) – Touch, mouse and keyboard supported.
(✓) – Included documentation (index.html).
(✓) – 24-hour support.

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