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Magento Social Share Extension (Magento Extensions)

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Making your business visible on social media platforms is nowadays essential. This is why all online shops prefer having floating social sharing buttons. These buttons act as a bridge your online shop needs to connect with your existing as well potential customers.

These buttons actually post about your products and services on their social media accounts for other people to read. Moreover, these floating social sharing Magento® based buttons also let your customers create account on your web store without having to enter too many personal details.

This is how your business is easily visible to the most of the population in this world.

Features Showcase:

Admin can Add and Manage Floating Social Sharing Buttons:

This is the biggest advantage of floating social share in Magento® for store owners. They will no longer have to depend on developers to add or remove any social sharing button. Instead, It will be easy for them to add and remove any social share button at their own from the Admin Panel.

Theme Based Use of Icons and Images by Users:

This feature makes floating social sharing buttons look beautiful and add to the personality of your online shop. This is why are allowed to use them based icons of your floating social sharing buttons as per your choice or requirements.

Enable or disable share links or the Whole Extension:

It comes equipped with functionality that allows admin to make changes in extensions usability. More importantly, Admin has the power to enable or disable floating social share links temporarily or even permanently with it. If needed, admin can also enable or disable the whole extension from the Admin Panel.

Show Social Share Links Anywhere on Screen:

Floating Social Sharing Magento® is an extension that allows Admin to decide the place of floating social sharing buttons on screen. It lets admin decide whether he/she wants floating social sharing buttons to be visible in the right corner or the left corner of customers’ devices’ screen.

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