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Magento Enhanced One Page Checkout Extension (Magento Extensions)

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Positive customer experience makes your online shop successful. This is why you must do everything to create that positive online shopping experience for your customers. Enhanced is the Magento One Page Checkout is the extension you need to create that positive online shopping experience for your customers on your web store.  

It is important that you improve the overall checkout system on your website. More importantly, make it less lengthy and time consuming for reducing the cart abandonment rate on your online shop. That is exactly what Magento One Page Checkout does perfectly and to encourage customers to repeat shopping on your website.


Features Showcase:

  • Single Steps Checkout:

This is the best feature of this extension as it saves valuable time of your customers. They don’t have to go through 6 step lengthy checkout procedure. Just single step checkout does the job!

  • Increased Store Conversion Rate:

Single step checkout ensures quick payment to give positive shopping experience to your customers. They share this experience with others that increases the chances of store conversion rate considerably.

  • Positive Online Shopping Experience for Customers:

This is very important for your customers. Customer prefer shopping online only on platforms that allow them to shop easily. They don’t want to spend hours on waiting for the confirmation of payment. They just want to select the product and pay for it quickly for check. This is what Magento One Step Checkout does so effectively.

  • Compatible with Various Devices:

It works on all operating systems and devices with equal efficiency! Therefore, no compatibility issue!

  • Easy to Customize:

Magento One Step Checkout doesn’t take much to get integrated with your website. It makes use of Magento ® Core libraries that make it very easy to customize.

TO Check DEMO: Click DEMO

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