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Magento Bulk Order – Upload CSV to Create Cart Extension (Magento Extensions)

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Hassle-free addition of products in bulk to cart is necessary for giving a positive online shopping experience to your customers. This addition of products to cart in bulk has to superfast and free of issues for your customers. Taking this into consideration, SoftProdigy has introduced a cart extension for those want to purchase a large number of products form your website and checkout easily.

This cart is prepared on its own. It all depends on the availability of the products that customer is interested in. They just have to enter SKU codes of products.

Features Showcase:

Addition of Product in Bulk

Customers don’t have to spend too much time on adding many products to their cart. They just need to enter the SKU code of products for this purpose. This SKU code can be entered in the form of CSV file. It also allows a separate page for uploading a CSV file containing SKU and quantity fields.

Backend Functions:

This Magento Cart Extension comes equipped with a plenty of useful backend functions for the Admin. For example:

  • Admin can easily enable/disable it from the backend anytime.
  • Admin also has the facility to change the CSV file headers from the backend.

Access to Custom Cart Page:

This is one of the main features of this Magento Cart Extension. Customers have to create a registered account on your web store for accessing custom cart page.

Back Orders are supported:

That’s right! it is a benefit that your online business can reap because of this Magento based cart extension. It offers full support for back orders to help you grow your online shop without any hassles.



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